Who we are

Nuggy Bug Parties, based in Prescott, Arizona, offers professional, fun, and reliable entertainment for all ages.  Nuggy Bug Parties specializes in decorative full and half face designs and cheek art as well as painted arms, legs, hands, baby bumps, or other family friendly sites. We provide Glitter Tattoos, Airbrush Tattoos, Fairy Hair, Mermaid Hair, Bubble Braids, and Glitter Bar services alongside or solo to Face Painting.

Using our own personal experience, we work with neurodivergent children and adults to provide a unique experience for every person.

A *gentle approach ensures the safety and comfort of each client.

Nuggy Bug Parties is available for birthday parties, business promotions, church functions, corporate events, festivals/fairs, fundraisers, holiday events, picnics, reunions, school events, store openings, teen gatherings, you name it!

A *gentle approach: Please be aware that we require the person we paint to give consent.  For young children and people with communication differences, a smile and obvious willingness to sit to be painted will be accepted as consent.  We will not teach a child it is okay to endure unwanted touching and we will not allow a child to be restrained.  Tiffany's second language is American Sign Language so feel free to sign away at our events.  Our team brings experience working with adults and children with autism, down syndrome, physical limitations, and other special needs.  We will not paint anyone who is distressed by the experience.


All of our paints and glitters are non-toxic, fragrance-free, FDA-approved, professional-grade, and completely safe for skin.  Additionally, each face paint contains a built-in antibacterial agent.

Nuggy Bug Parties will not paint faces of anyone having chicken pox, lesions, measles, mumps, conjunctivitis (pink eye), cold sores, or any open sore or infection of the skin.  As an alternative, those people may be able to have an arm or hand painting done instead.

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding,

The Nuggy Bug Team,

Prescott Face and Body Artists,

Nuggy Bug Parties